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i don’t understand how i’m still gaining followers on this blog when i’m not even on anymore but i love you all k

if anyone wants to follow me new blog, click here and i’ll most likely follow back ‘cause I need more Larry on my dash.

it’s quite a bit different than this blog… at the moment it’s centered around a bunch of youtubers and sherlock. woah.

big love .x

arcticlow asked:
"omg where are you is everything ok come back soon bby :( x"

Check my last post :) x

Wow, hey guys… I haven’t been on in so long! How are you all doing? I’ve missed you guys! I have a new blog… and I’ve been on that a lot and I haven’t had time for this one. Also how am I still getting followers on this blog when I’m not even using it? Strange haha. Anyways, I might come on occasionally but I don’t know… happy Larry’ing! Big love .x

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"those gifs should cheer you up :) !"

Hahah, they did a bit! Thank you love. :) x




wow i’m so upset right now

can anyone cheer me up or

please? ;-;